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The primary purpose of the 11+ entrance test is to select the children who have the potential to thrive in an environment which provides a highly academic curriculum, which also has depth and breadth, and a range of challenging pursuits.

Our 11+ course is designed to take into account the specific requirements of the Grammar Schools (CEM or CSSE) and Independent Secondary schools.  The course curriculum is underpinned by the KS2 subject content and is further enhanced to  meet the entrance test requirements.

Grammar Schools

Offering three specialist 11+ modules for the Grammar Schools, based on the examination boards the local authority or the school use.

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Independent Schools

Offering a specialist 11+ module focusing on the entrance exams of leading Independent Secondary Schools.

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11+ Intensive Course

11+ Maths Intensive Revision Course includes : GL, CEM, CSSE

GCSE (Maths)

GCSE (Mathematics) includes past papers

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