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Bournemouth School for Girls

Bournemouth School for Girls

Established in 1918 in Bournemouth, Dorset, Bournemouth School for Girls is a grammar academy with a distinctive focus on humanities. Catering to approximately 1200 girls aged 11 to 18, the school is committed to providing exceptional pastoral care and education, extending beyond the classroom to encompass sports fields, drama, music, and a diverse array of extracurricular activities.

The school takes pride in its dynamic curriculum, designed to go beyond conventional classroom experiences. Offering an extensive range of extracurricular opportunities, Bournemouth School for Girls boasts over 50 clubs and activities available every week during lunchtime.

A unique feature of the school is its house system, where deputy captains form the senior team, and each house has specific responsibilities related to athletic activities, the performing arts, and philanthropic causes. Each house is named after a notable female leader who has made a positive impact in her respective field, including Jane Austen, Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Rosa Parks, Christina Rossetti, and Mary Shelley.

The ethos of the school encourages students to work hard, show kindness, and nurture ambition. Bournemouth School for Girls believes in holistic education, emphasizing not only excellent academic results but also spiritual, cultural, and moral development.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the school's students excelled during these difficult times, with both GCSE and A-Level attainment reaching the top 2% nationally.

County / Area:
Girls Grammar

Bournemouth School for Girls does have a priority catchment area, which is determined by postal addresses ranging from BH1 to BH11. Additionally, it includes postcodes BH12 5xx, BH23 1xx, BH23 2xx, and BH23 3xx.

Number of places in Year 7:
Total number of students:
5+ applicants for every place
Bournemouth School for Girls, Castle Gate Close, Bournemouth, UK
11+ Exam Details:
Exam Board/Format:
The 11 Plus examination for Dorset grammar schools comprises three tests: Mathematics, English, and Verbal Reasoning. These tests are aligned with the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Each test, presented in a multiple-choice format, has a duration of approximately 50 minutes.

The 11 Plus Exam for Dorset grammar schools comprises three multiple-choice tests that evaluate proficiency in:

- English: This section gauges comprehension, vocabulary, and technical English skills.

- Mathematics: The test focuses on assessing problem-solving and arithmetic skills, emphasizing numerical reasoning and foundational mathematical concepts.

- Verbal Reasoning: This component evaluates the ability to comprehend and process language, analyze textual information, and draw logical conclusions from written passages.

Each test paper includes questions appropriate for students in their final year of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum and has a duration of approximately 50 minutes.

Exam Date:
Registration Starts:
Registration Closes:
September 2024
April 2024
September 2024

Notification of the results will be provided in October. Upon a successful completion of the admissions procedure, your child will be assigned a place in March.

How to prepare:

We run specialist 11+ online courses focussing on the GL Assessment (English, Mathematics & Verbal Reasoning). The sessions are online and highly interactive. Speak to us about how we can help your child.

Mock Exams: Our mock exams are designed to reflect the real exam in complexity and format. Click here to view the mock exam schedule.

Practice Papers: Practice packs designed to help your child master the entire syllabus.

Why Progress Academy for 
Bournemouth School for Girls

Indeed you are a wonderful teacher and have a seasoned teaching skills and style. Earlier my daughter did not fancy Mathematics but her interest in the subject grew leaps and bounds after she joined your classes. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed your sessions.
Your teaching style is very engaging. You provided outstanding support and encouragement for which we are extremely grateful. It inspired my daughter and made her more confident that she could achieve. I would highly recommend your services to all my known circle. Thanks again! Natraj M
Practice Material:
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