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Hershel Grammar School

Hershel Grammar School

Herschel Grammar School, situated in the bustling Berkshire town of Slough, is a co-educational grammar school with a selective admission process. Functioning as an academy school, it offers a comprehensive and well-balanced curriculum to around 900 students. 

Consistently, pupils at Herschel Grammar School achieve commendable examination results. In recent years, 58% of students secured Grades 9-8. The school adopts an approach that allows students to track their learning progression, reflect on past knowledge, and prepare for future studies, fostering a profound understanding of various subjects and broader areas of study.

Diversifying its offerings, Herschel Grammar School provides a wide array of extracurricular activities, encompassing arts, sports, and other engaging pursuits. This allows students to explore and develop their talents and passions, promoting creativity, teamwork, and personal growth. Whether participating in music and drama performances or joining sports teams and clubs, students can engage in a comprehensive educational experience that extends beyond academic subjects.

Recognized as an Eco School, Herschel Grammar actively champions sustainability on its campus. This commitment is reflected in eco-friendly practices such as advanced recycling facilities, hybrid bins, and enhanced school grounds featuring shelters, upcycled planters, and outdoor recreational areas. 

The school ethos is deeply rooted in principles of courtesy, respect, and strong moral values, emphasizing the significance of treating others with kindness and consideration. By fostering a sense of community and encouraging students to develop into compassionate and responsible individuals, Herschel Grammar equips them with the skills and values necessary for success in both academic and personal spheres.

County / Area:
Mixed Grammar

Herschel Grammar School utilizes a catchment area system where priority is determined by the proximity and location of residences to the school, with a distance threshold of 4 miles. Distance, in this context, is measured in a direct line from the front door of the home address to the main entrance gate of the school.

Number of places in Year 7:
Total number of students:
750+ applications for 150 places
Herschel Grammar School, Northampton Avenue, Slough, UK
11+ Exam Details:
Exam Board/Format:
GL Assessment:
Paper 1: English
Paper 2: Verbal Reasoning
Paper 3: Mathematics
Paper 4: Non-Verbal Reasoning

The 11 Plus examination at Herschel Grammar School comprises two papers, developed by GL Assessment, focusing on the following areas:

- English

- Verbal Reasoning

- Mathematics

- Non-Verbal Reasoning (including Spatial Reasoning)

The English Comprehension paper evaluates comprehension skills, including inference, without a writing component.

The Verbal Reasoning segment of the exam gauges logical thinking, proficiency in the English language, and vocabulary.

The Mathematics paper assesses problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills, encompassing questions related to number, measurement, geometry, algebra, and statistics.

Additionally, the exam covers Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning, both designed to assess logic and intelligence.

Exam Date:
Registration Starts:
Registration Closes:
September 2024
April 2024
June 2024

Results will be available through online.

How to prepare:

We run specialist 11+ online courses focussing on the GL Assessment (English, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning) . The sessions are online and highly interactive. Speak to us about how we can help your child.

Mock Exams: Our mock exams are designed to reflect the real exam in complexity and format. Click here to view the mock exam schedule.

Practice Papers: Practice packs designed to help your child master the entire syllabus.

Why Progress Academy for 
Hershel Grammar School
I would recommend this tution center to anyone who wants their children to achieve in there studies. As my son has made a massive progress and has successfully passed this 11+ exams beyond everyone expectation. Very caring, focus on the children and was always helpful. - Henri M V
Practice Material:
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