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Hertfordshire & Essex High School

Hertfordshire & Essex High School

Hertfordshire & Essex High School, officially established on October 1, 1910, underwent significant developments since its relocation to the current site in 1909. Originally envisioned as a school for girls to prepare them for university and careers, it has evolved into a modern institution emphasizing contemporary opportunities for women. The school, housed in an elegant Edwardian building, has expanded over the years with additional blocks, including Technology and Science facilities, transforming from an Arts-oriented establishment to a Specialist Science School.

After World War II, the growing popularity of single-sex education led to further expansions, including the addition of the 'E Block' with English and ICT teaching rooms, an art exhibition area, and dining facilities. This block, in line with the original architecture, created a traditional courtyard enjoyed by students. Notably, the school achieved Science College status in 2003, leading to the refurbishment of laboratories.

In 2019, the school underwent radical transformations, establishing a dedicated drama studio and converting the old gym into a Sixth Form Centre. Simultaneously, a new sports center, the Herts & Essex Sports Centre, was inaugurated, providing excellent indoor and outdoor spaces for students and the local community. It includes a sports hall, dojo, gym, courts, and an astro pitch, benefiting both physical education and community sports clubs.

Throughout its history, the school has had only eight headteachers, with the current head, Cathy Tooze, taking the position in 2009. The school has witnessed changes in uniforms and educational approaches, yet it has maintained a commitment to offering a well-rounded education in Arts, Humanities, Languages, and Sciences. The motto 'Sic Itur ad Astra' (reach for the stars) reflects the school's dedication to academic excellence and its continuous adaptation to stay at the forefront of twenty-first-century education. The mission statement, 'Excellence for All,' encapsulates the school's promise to each student, ensuring their individual growth and success.

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