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Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Established in 1564 through a Royal Charter, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School stands as a co-educational grammar school situated in Penrith, Cumbria. With a legacy of providing outstanding education for over 450 years, the school currently boasts an enrollment of 1040 pupils. Despite its size, QEGS maintains small groups to foster individual talents and offer exceptional support.

The school's curriculum is meticulously crafted, incorporating the latest insights in education and pedagogy to ensure an optimal learning experience. Students receive a robust foundation in key subjects such as computer science, English, mathematics, and art.

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School actively encourages joyful learning and the pursuit of hobbies and interests, offering an extensive extracurricular program encompassing musical and drama productions, as well as numerous athletic competitions. The school consistently achieves impressive results in sports.

At the core of QEGS's ethos lie values of mutual respect, democracy, individual liberty, and tolerance, integrated not only into the curriculum but also woven into every facet of the students' educational journey. The official ethos statement, "Preparing our students to succeed in tomorrow's world," reflects the school's commitment. Additionally, QEGS prioritizes mental health and well-being, providing pastoral care to each student.

The academic accomplishments of QEGS students, both at GCSE and A-Level, consistently surpass national averages. Recent GCSE results showcase commendable performance, with 49.5% of students achieving grades 9, 8, or 7. Similarly, A-level results demonstrate exceptional success, with 75.4% of students securing A* to B grades. The school has been bestowed with an "Outstanding" rating by Ofsted.

County / Area:
Co-Educational Grammar

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Penrith does indeed have a catchment area, and admission priority is determined by the proximity and location of students in relation to the school.

Number of places in Year 7:
Total number of students:
4+applicants for every place
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Ullswater Road, Penrith, UK
11+ Exam Details:
Exam Board/Format:
The Cumbria GL 11 Plus Exam assesses candidates in the following subjects: Verbal Reasoning, English, Mathematics, and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

The 11 Plus exam for Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith comprises two papers designed to evaluate proficiency in the following subjects:

- Verbal Reasoning

- English

- Mathematics

- Non-Verbal Reasoning

These assessments, developed by GL Assessment, will yield age-standardized scores for each subject.

Exam Date:
Registration Starts:
Registration Closes:
September 2024
May 2024
July 2024

Parents will receive information about the results of QEGS through communication from the school. Typically, the school will provide details on how and when the results will be communicated, whether through mail, email, an online portal, or other means. It's advisable for parents to refer to the school's official communication channels, such as their website or admissions office, to stay informed about the specific process and timelines for result announcements.

How to prepare:

We run specialist 11+ online courses focussing on the GL Assessment (Verbal Reasoning, English, Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning) . The sessions are online and highly interactive. Speak to us about how we can help your child.

Mock Exams: Our mock exams are designed to reflect the real exam in complexity and format. Click here to view the mock exam schedule.

Practice Papers: Practice packs designed to help your child master the entire syllabus.

Why Progress Academy for 
Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Indeed you are a wonderful teacher and have a seasoned teaching skills and style. Earlier my daughter did not fancy Mathematics but her interest in the subject grew leaps and bounds after she joined your classes. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed your sessions.
Your teaching style is very engaging. You provided outstanding support and encouragement for which we are extremely grateful. It inspired my daughter and made her more confident that she could achieve. I would highly recommend your services to all my known circle. Thanks again! - Natraj M
Practice Material:
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