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Queen Mary' Grammar School

Queen Mary' Grammar School

Founded in 1554 and located in Walsall, Queen Mary’s Grammar School (QMGS) is a boys’ grammar school with a rich history. Being one of the UK's oldest schools, QMGS achieved academy status in June 2011 and holds the distinction of being a designated specialist Language College.

QMGS features a spacious campus that includes a sports hall, swimming facilities, biology laboratories, and various amenities. These resources contribute to the school's outstanding academic and non-academic offerings, as acknowledged by Ofsted.

The curriculum at Queen Mary’s Grammar reflects a strong commitment to excellence, catering to a diverse range of interests and abilities. It encompasses innovative areas such as technology and science, as well as the expressive realms of languages and performing arts.

Enrichment activities play a crucial role in supporting QMGS's varied offerings, spanning public speaking, chess, cricket, MedSoc, choir, hockey, coding, basketball, and more. These activities provide students with ample opportunities for comprehensive development, fostering self-confidence and building meaningful relationships with peers.

The integration of information and communication technology (ICT) is fundamental to the school's operations. Given the pervasive nature of technology in the curriculum, QMGS places a high priority on online safety, maintaining a dynamic and responsive e-safety policy to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks.

QMGS prides itself on a strong ethos rooted in the principles of courage, discipline, and integrity. These values form the foundation for promoting teamwork and equality within the culturally diverse school community, enhancing the overall educational experience.

The school places significant emphasis on safeguarding students' emotional well-being, exemplified by initiatives like the 'Change Your Mind' program, which has garnered national recognition for its innovative approach to mental health.

County / Area:
Boys Grammar
West Midlands

No catchment Area

Number of places in Year 7:
Total number of students:
5 applicants for every place
Queen Mary's Grammar School, Sutton Road, Walsall, UK
11+ Exam Details:
Exam Board/Format:
The 11 Plus Exam format for Queen Mary’s Grammar School is created by GL. All Grammar Schools in the West Midlands utilize the same 11 plus exam. The structure of the exam is outlined as follows:

Paper 1: This is a one-hour examination that encompasses English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths, and Non-Verbal/Spatial Reasoning sections. All questions are presented in a multiple-choice format, with an untimed practice section at the outset of each section.

Paper 2: Also lasting one hour, this paper includes sections on English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths, and Non-Verbal/Spatial Reasoning. Similar to Paper 1, all questions are in a multiple-choice format, and there is an untimed practice section at the beginning of each segment.

The admission test for Queen Mary’s Grammar School will be administered by the Consortium of grammar schools in Shropshire, Walsall, and Wolverhampton, which is a component of the larger West Midlands Grammar Schools partnership. The West Midlands Grammar Schools 11+ exam comprises two papers, each with a duration of approximately 50-60 minutes, including time allocated for instructions and sample questions. The papers include the following subjects:

- English Comprehension

- Verbal Reasoning

- Mathematics

- Non-Verbal + Spatial Reasoning

The English Comprehension paper focuses on assessing comprehension skills, including inference, without a writing component.

The Verbal Reasoning section of the exam evaluates logical thinking, proficiency in the English language, and vocabulary usage.

The Mathematics paper gauges problem-solving abilities and arithmetic skills, encompassing questions on number, measurement, geometry, algebra, and statistics.

The examination also covers Non-Verbal Reasoning and Spatial Reasoning, both designed to test logic and intelligence.

Exam Date:
Registration Starts:
Registration Closes:
September 2024
May 2024
June 2024

You will receive the results either through email, an online link, or a letter dispatched via first-class post.

How to prepare:

We run specialist 11+ online courses focussing on the GL Assessment (English Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics & Non-Verbal Reasoning).  The sessions are online and highly interactive.  Speak to us about how we can help your child.

Mock Exams: Our mock exams are designed to reflect the real exam in complexity and format.  Click here to view the mock exam schedule.

Practice Papers: Practice packs designed to help your child master the entire syllabus.

Why Progress Academy for 
Queen Mary' Grammar School
Great institution for 11+ coaching:

My son, Akhil had his 11+ coaching in Progress Academy and cleared all the four tests (Kent, Bexley, CSSE and Redbridge) that he attended. The dedication and individual care provided by Progress Academy to each student is the key reason for this achievement.

We are fortunate to find this training centre at the right time. - Satheesh Kumar
Practice Material:
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