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Wycombe High School

Wycombe High School

Founded in 1901, Wycombe High School is an all-girls grammar school located in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. What began with 18 students and 3 staff members has now grown to over 1300 enrolled pupils, and the school has attained academy status. Admission to the school is contingent on girls' performance in the Secondary Transfer Test.

The school boasts an extensive and flexible curriculum, with a primary focus on accommodating students' individual interests. Recognizing that the girls it educates will shape the future, Wycombe High School tailors its syllabus accordingly. While emphasizing core subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science, the school equally encourages students to invest time and effort in creative classes.

Beyond the classroom, Wycombe High School actively contributes to the personal growth of its students. Offering over 100 extracurricular activities, some managed by students themselves, the school provides an excellent opportunity for the development of leadership and organizational skills. These activities span drama, dance, sports, philosophy, and politics.

The school's overarching goal is to nurture limitless ambition and insatiable curiosity in its students, motivating them to pursue their dreams with the belief that there are no limitations to what they can achieve. Wycombe High School seeks to create a joyful learning environment, aiming to make students' school days the most enjoyable period of their lives.

With an "Outstanding" rating across all categories, as per the Ofsted report, Wycombe High School is recognized for its exceptional work and commitment to education.

County / Area:
Girls Grammar

Wycombe High School does implement a catchment area system, which is divided into two sections. Priority is given to pupils residing in Catchment Area A over those in Catchment Area B.

Number of places in Year 7:
Total number of students:
Roughly 30% achieve the qualifying score, and placements are subsequently allocated based on proximity to the school gate.
Wycombe High School For Girls, Marlow Road, High Wycombe, UK
11+ Exam Details:
Exam Board/Format:
GL Assessment
Paper 1 : Comprehension, Technical English and Verbal Reasoning
Paper 2 : Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Mathematics

GL Assessment is the designated exam board for the 11+ Test in Buckinghamshire. The Buckinghamshire Secondary Transfer Test consists of two papers evaluating:

1. Comprehension, technical English, and Verbal Reasoning

2. Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, and Mathematics

Each test paper has a duration of approximately 45 minutes, and all questions are presented in a multiple-choice format. The 11+ Secondary Transfer Test is structured with the following weightings:

- Verbal Ability – 50%

- Non-Verbal Ability – 25%

- Numerical Ability – 25%

Responses to all questions are recorded on a separate answer sheet, with each correct answer earning one raw age-standardized mark.

Exam Date:
Registration Starts:
Registration Closes:
September 2024
May 2024
June 2024

For students enrolled in Buckinghamshire state-funded primary schools, a letter will be dispatched to inform parents about the process of accessing their child's results.


For children attending schools outside the county and Partner schools, results will be delivered via email.

How to prepare:

We run specialist 11+ online courses focussing on the STT Paper 1: (Comprehension, Technical English and Verbal Reasoning) and Paper 2: (Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Mathematics). The sessions are online and highly interactive. Speak to us about how we can help your child.

Mock Exams: Our mock exams are designed to reflect the real exam in complexity and format. Click here to view the mock exam schedule.

Practice Papers: Practice packs designed to help your child master the entire syllabus.

Why Progress Academy for 
Wycombe High School
Totally Recommended!

My child thoroughly enjoyed her 11+ journey at Progress Academy. She cried her eyes out when she had to miss class on sick days. Who knew 11+ could be so much fun! Thanks to the wonderful teachers for inducing a thirst for knowledge and competence. What more, a place secured in the school of our choice! I knew nothing about 11+ but Progress Academy provided me ample guidance to support my child. Totally recommend it! -Kamesh Vellore
Practice Material:
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