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This comprehensive course is structured to first establish the foundational skills in creative writing, followed by detailed exploration of specific writing types expected in the 11+ exams. It’s designed to progressively build students' abilities, ensuring a deep understanding of the core elements before applying them in various writing contexts.

  • 12 weekly lessons (75 mins each) 
  • Starting Monday, 22nd January 2024 - 5:30 PM to 6:45 PM
  • Class notes and homework 
  • Exam techniques & time management
  • Supports both Grammar Schools & Independent Schools
  • Targeted at students in Years 4 and 5 preparing for the 11+ exams

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to 11+ Writing Types

    • Overview of writing tasks: story writing, recounts, persuasive writing, letters, and more.
    • Understanding assessment criteria for each writing type.
  • Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation (SPaG)

    • Comprehensive review of key spelling rules.
    • In-depth grammar training for accurate writing.
    • Correct and effective use of punctuation.
  • Literary Techniques and Language Skills

    • Enhancing vocabulary and usage of descriptive language.
    • Mastering figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification).
    • Techniques for creating mood, tension, and suspense.
  • Planning Your Writing

    • Techniques for brainstorming and idea organization.
    • Structuring a coherent narrative or argument.
    • Planning for different types of writing tasks.
  • Story Writing & Narrative Construction

    • Crafting engaging and imaginative stories.
    • Techniques for story continuation and endings.
  • Non-Fiction Writing

    • Skills for writing effective recounts and diary entries.
    • Structuring informative and factual content like newspaper reports.
  • Persuasive Writing & Letter Writing

    • Developing persuasive essays and arguments.
    • Crafting formal and informal letters with purpose and clarity.
  • Picture Prompt-Based Writing

    • Using visual stimuli to inspire creative narratives.
    • Developing descriptive and imaginative responses to pictures.
  • Handwriting and Presentation Skills

    • Improving handwriting for clarity and speed.
    • Presentation techniques important for exam settings.
  • Revision and Exam Preparation

    • Consolidated skills and techniques learned.

    • Time Management

    • Strategies and practice for 11+ writing tasks

Mastering 11+Creative Writing (12 Weekly Lessons)

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