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Sunday, 26th May at 9:30 AM  | QE Boys, Barnet

The exam is specifically designed for students preparing for the 2024 Queen Elizabeth's School in Barnet (QE Boys, Barnet). 


Full length GL Maths and English papers, matching the format of the actual exam

A detailed report (including the standardised score) will follow along with a comparison to historic scores of children who have been successful in getting a place at QE Boys.


 The primary objectives of the Mock Exam are to help children:

  • practise with a test paper mirroring the real exam

  • identify areas that need further strengthening

  • review mistakes and re-take the test

  • build confidence and

  • overcome exam nerves


Parents will receive a detailed report on their child's performance which will include the topics that need further consolidation and where the child's performance ranks amongst their peers.

11+ Mock Exam / GL (QE Boys) | 26th May 2024

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