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Sunday, 24th March at 12:30 PM

The online exam is specifically designed for children taking the the 11+ Buckinghamshire / GL exam in 2024 and will comprise of two papers.


  • Paper 1:  Comprehension, technical English and Verbal Reasoning
  • Paper 2:  Non-Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Mathematics


Each test paper lasts for approximately 45 minutes and all questions are multiple-choice. The 11+ Secondary Transfer Test is weighted as follows:


  • Verbal Ability – 50%
  • Non-Verbal Ability – 25%
  • Numerical Ability – 25% 



The primary objectives of the Mock Exam are to help children:

  • practise with a test paper mirroring the real exam
  • identify areas that need further strengthening
  • review mistakes and re-take the test (online)
  • build confidence and
  • overcome exam nerves


Parents will receive a detailed report on their child's performance which will include the topics that need further consolidation and where the child's performance ranks amongst their peers.

Buckinghamshire 11+ 2024 Mock Exam / GL Assessment - 24th March 2024 (Online)

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