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A Daughter's Love: How our little Sahana became a beacon of Inspiration for her mother's health journey

Progress Academy

24 Apr 2023

Making a positive impact on the lives of those we love

Sahana, one of our little champions, is an inspiration to many. She is preparing for her 11+ exams with Progress Academy, but that hasn't stopped her from achieving great things outside of her studies. Recently, she participated in a 3.3 km Cyclathon as well as a mini marathon run organized by TCS.

What makes Sahana's story even more heartwarming is that she did these activities to encourage her mother, who was struggling with health issues at the time. Sahana's determination and perseverance in completing these events were driven by her desire to inspire her mother to overcome her health issues. When Sahana picked up her trophy, she expressed her admiration for her mother, calling her a "superhero" and urging her to fight her health issues and overcome them.

The impact of Sahana's words and actions didn't end there. Her mother has since recovered from her health issues, and she credits Sahana for being a blessing to their family. Sahana's selfless act of participating in these events to support her mother not only helped her mother but also serves as an inspiration to others who may be going through similar struggles.

Sahana's story is a reminder that sometimes, the smallest actions can have the biggest impact. Her words and actions show that even at a young age, one can make a positive difference in the lives of others. We can all learn from Sahana's example and strive to be a source of encouragement and support for those around us.

Little Champ With a Big Heart

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