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Colchester County High School for Girls: Selection Process Update - 2025

Introduction of a Catchment Area

Colchester County Girls High School is updating its admission policy to include a 25-mile catchment area starting from the next academic year. Out of 192 available spots, 38 will be reserved for applicants outside this catchment. The school will continue using the CSSE exam as its primary selection criterion.

The allocation of places will follow this order:
  1. Looked After Children (LAC) or Previously Looked After Children (PLAC) with scores of 320 or higher are given priority

  2. Up to 20 seats are earmarked for the highest-scoring applicants eligible for the pupil premium (those qualifying for free school meals due to household income below the government threshold, either currently or at any time in the last 6 years, with their primary school receiving the pupil premium) who score 320 or above.

  3. A maximum of 10 spots will be available to top-scoring applicants eligible for the Service Pupil Premium (SPP), with scores of 320 or above, residing within the priority area.

  4. Following these allocations, remaining places within the catchment will be filled based on descending test scores until 154 spots are filled.

  5. The last 38 seats will be allocated to the highest-scoring applicants, regardless of residency, based on descending test scores.

For detailed definitions and further information, refer to the full admission policy document at the provided link: Admissions Policy 2025-2026.
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