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Encouraging Homework Excellence: A Guide for Parents

Updated: Mar 29


At Progress Academy, we understand the importance of homework in reinforcing classroom learning and developing independent study skills. To acknowledge and motivate our students' dedication and hard work, we have introduced a merit-based recognition system for homework completion and excellence.

Understanding Homework Merits

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Homework merits are awarded to students who not only complete their homework in its entirety but also achieve high scores, typically 80% and above. This benchmark, however, is flexible and may vary week by week, ensuring a fair and motivating challenge for all students. The primary aim is to encourage students to revisit and improve upon sections where they scored lower, fostering a growth mindset and a continuous improvement approach.

The Importance of Regular Study Habits

We advocate for setting aside 30 to 40 minutes daily for homework assignments. This consistent, bite-sized approach has proven more effective than attempting to complete all homework in one sitting. Such a routine not only helps in better retention of information but also in managing workload efficiently, leading to less stress and more balanced learning.

Homework Schedule

Homework is typically assigned on Monday evenings, with a submission deadline by the following Sunday evening. This schedule provides ample time for students to manage their workload alongside other activities and commitments, promoting a healthy work-life balance.

Why Redoing Sections is Beneficial

Encouraging your child to redo sections they found challenging is a key part of our homework ethos. This practice not only helps in solidifying their understanding but also builds resilience and perseverance, qualities essential for academic and personal success. Our online learning portal,, offers a user-friendly interface for students to review and retry homework sections, ensuring a supportive and accessible learning environment.

Our Commitment to Your Child's Success

At Progress Academy, our priority is your child's educational journey. Our tutors are dedicated to providing high-quality, interactive online sessions that engage and inspire. By choosing Progress Academy, you are not just selecting an educational institution; you are becoming part of a community committed to academic excellence and holistic development.

Together, let's set the stage for a future filled with learning, growth, and endless possibilities.

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