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UK's Top Schools for Oxbridge

Securing a place at Oxbridge requires exceptional academic achievement, but attending the right school can provide invaluable guidance and support. Here, we explore the top UK schools based on the number of Oxbridge offers they secured in 2023.

1. Brampton Manor Academy:

Leading the pack with 89 Oxbridge offers, Brampton Manor Academy in East London shows that excellence knows no boundaries.

2. Westminster School:

Located in London, Westminster School sent 81 students to Oxbridge, making it a historical hub for academic achievement.

3. Hills Road Sixth Form:

Situated in Cambridge, Hills Road Sixth Form boasts 78 Oxbridge offers, serving as a beacon for A-Level achievers.

4. Eton College:

With 48 Oxbridge spots secured, Eton College remains a symbol of tradition and prestige.

5. St Paul's Girls School:

In West London, St Paul's Girls School achieved a 59% success rate with 46 Oxbridge offers, empowering young women academically.

6. Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form:

Celebrating inclusivity and excellence, this college received 45 Oxbridge offers, ranking among the UK's top 1%.

7. Peter Symonds College:

Offering quality education at an affordable price, Peter Symonds College obtained 44 Oxbridge offers.

8. King's College School:

Securing 41 Oxbridge offers with a 30% success rate, King's College School emphasizes holistic education.

9. Harris Westminster Sixth Form:

Despite being relatively new, Harris Westminster Sixth Form celebrated 40 Oxbridge offers in less than a decade.

10. The Perse School:

Balancing academics with outdoor learning, The Perse School in Cambridge garnered 36 Oxbridge offers.

A leading grammar school in North London, Queen Elizabeth's School secured 35 Oxbridge offers, setting high standards for academic achievement.

With 34 and 33 offers respectively, Tiffin School and Wilson's School demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence and rigorous preparation for Oxbridge admissions.

13. King's College London Maths School:

Matching Wilson's with 33 offers, this institution provides a haven for math enthusiasts, fostering a passion for mathematics and securing Oxbridge admissions.

Standing tall in Greater London, St Olave's Grammar School, a selective boys' school, obtained 31 Oxbridge offers, upholding its reputation for academic rigor.

15. London Academy of Excellence & Highgate School & Greenhead College:

Each with 30 offers, these schools showcase diverse pathways to Oxbridge, highlighting the varied opportunities available to aspiring students.

16. Woodhouse College, Finchley & King Edward VI Grammar, Chelmsford:

Rounding out the list with 29 and 27 offers respectively, these institutions epitomize academic rigor and dedication to preparing students for Oxbridge success.

Gaining admission to Oxbridge requires dedication, hard work, and a well-defined strategy. Attending a top school is just one piece of the puzzle. Embrace the resources available to you, seek guidance from experienced educators.

Remember, the road to Oxbridge is yours to pave!

Reach out for any support or queries.

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